The Elsewhere Vast

I entered the Himalayas with the surety that if anyone could walk away with a spiritual experience, it was me. I imagined myself each morning meditating at the foot of a mountain, and as I opened my eyes following its ancient and undeniable shape, pointing to the heavens, the Roof of the World.

Now I can’t help but smile at my childlike way of thinking. But that’s what life’s all about, isn’t it?

What actually awaited me was an intense test of physical and mental endurance the likes of which I had never encountered before, amid a landscape which defies definition.

The word ‘vast’ for me took on new proportions. With so much open space around me, and encompassed by such gargantuan topography, I was faced with my own glaring insignificance. I am nothing.

But that is not a destructive realisation, on the contrary it is one of calm; the ego is finally silenced. It cannot contend.

And so, in the end, I did have the spiritual journey I’d hoped for, though it took me many months to begin to recognise it.




This picture for me captures so much more than the landscape. It is the essence of Elsewhere.

Mountains for me have always held a uniquely mesmerising quality. Whenever I flick through my old Dropbox account, I am swept away to another time and place; My Place in the World.





In response to Weekly Photo Challenge: Place in the World.


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