This picture was taken from the wharf in Wellington, New Zealand. The city sits at the North Island’s southern most tip. It is notoriously known as the Windy City, and it is certainly appropriate, but on a good day there’s really nowhere else you’d rather be than NZ’s capital.

It has a temperate climate, not so different from western Europe, but the seas are sub-tropical and are host to a wide array of life.

Including these jellyfish.


I couldn’t tell you the species unfortunately, only that I was taking a walk one day along the waterfront as I was wont to do, peered over the side and found the sea completely full of jellyfish.

In response to Weekly Photo Challenge: Liquid.


Published by Regal Wildling

'As an Aquarius, your personality is characterised by spontaneity and charm. As a result, you have a wide range of interests and hobbies. Socially, you display a special brand of captivating energy that has earned you admiration. You are warm and sensitive, allowing you to display unconditional love and affection for friends and family. If you had a potential downfall, it would be the restlessness that dominates all aspects of your life.'

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