By the time I moved to Wellington in September of 2015, I was ready to put hostel life on hold for something a little more stable, a little more comfortable.

I found a room for rent in the quiet and largely over-looked suburb of Roseneath, a pleasant ten minute walk from the centre, just over the hill from Oriental Bay.

Instead of facing the city, we faced away, and thanks to the hill which separated us from the centre, there was very little noise pollution and it was easy to imagine you were far from the urban hustle.

Roseneath Sunset

Here’s the view from the balcony, the Miramar Peninsula striking out into the calm waters like a shodow tongue, the Wainuiomata coastline, cloud-tipped and alluring in the distance, and la Luna keeping an eye on it all.

In response to Photo Challenge: Rise/Set


Published by Regal Wildling

'As an Aquarius, your personality is characterised by spontaneity and charm. As a result, you have a wide range of interests and hobbies. Socially, you display a special brand of captivating energy that has earned you admiration. You are warm and sensitive, allowing you to display unconditional love and affection for friends and family. If you had a potential downfall, it would be the restlessness that dominates all aspects of your life.'

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